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Mystery Cow Blind Bag Series 3

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These are mystery blind bags. No limit per customer. Duplicates are possible and are to be anticipated. There are no returns.

These are dyed metal pins, 1.3" inches wide, with screen printed details, two posts with pink rubber backing, and my backstamp logo. Each pin will be packed in a blind bag on a custom backing card. Mystery Preorder Selection is entirely random and contents are unknown to me.


  • Sakura Cow
  • Magic Cow
  • Cactus Cow


  • Chocolate Ice Cream Cow
  • Honeycomb Cow
  • Porcelain Cow


  • Plushie Cow
  • Frog Cow

Super Rare

  • Gold Heart Cow - Limited 25qty laser engraved! 

Please see my grading standards before purchasing. By purchasing, you agree to my standards.